About us – Why choose onlinefirstaid.com?

OOnline First Aid Logonlinefirstaid.com is the leading UK provider of expert online first aid courses empowering people to:

  • Learn vital life-saving skills easily and conveniently – fully interactive, with videos, step by step directions, infographics and test yourself directions
  • Standalone course equivalent to an Appointed Person Qualification
  • Blended learning is fully regulated and fulfils HSE and Ofsted requirements
  • Online learning combined with practical training with First Aid for Life is fully accredited by Qualsafe Awards
  • Convenient training, making it easier to learn and saving you time and money
  • Gain verifiable CPD and complete quality refresher training for regulated courses
  • Fully compatible with all devices
  • Stop and start as often as you like
  • Print your own certificate on completion
  • Use online courses as ESOL pre-learning for practical training
  • Benefit companies CSR portfolio and inspire colleagues to learn more

Our online training is presented in clear, simple English, and accompanied by a detailed glossary and live support. The courses are designed to be easy to understand, both for native English speakers and those with English as a second language.

We are incredibly proud of the outstanding quality of our online first aid courses which are produced, continually updated and verified by a team of medical, health and emergency first aid professionals, so you are guaranteed the highest quality information and instruction whichever course you choose.


emmaAbout Emma Hammett R.G.N – Emma is a qualified nurse and award-winning first aid trainer with over 20 years healthcare and teaching experience. Emma is widely recognised as an authority on first aid matters and regularly writes for online and print publications and features in media. Emma is first aid expert for the British Dental Journal, British Journal of School Nursing, Nursing Times, Mail, Evening Standard, Hippocratic Post, Huffington Post and frequently called upon as a TV spokesperson on Sky News, BBC, Channel 5 News. Emma featured regularly on the radio show the Rational Health Service.

Emma Hammett founded First Aid for Life in 2007, and is proud to be the go-to first aid expert providing advice and exemplary first aid training to groups and individuals and offering practical, online and blended first aid courses covering humans and pets.

At First Aid for Life we are passionate about providing top rate first aid training and empowering people with the skills and confidence to help in an emergency. Our customers are at the heart of our business and their satisfaction and recommendations drives our growth. The feedback from our courses is incredible and has resulted in us winning numerous awards including the Most Inspirational Trainer Award and Federation of Small Businesses Best Business for Excellence in Customer Service and Overall Winner Best Business in London.


As featured in the press
“Anything that could help save a life or reduce the severity of an injury should be encouraged and that’s why I fully support First Aid for Life and the tailored training they are offering.”
Boris Johnson

As Mayor of London

The quality of this course is, in my opinion, excellent. Teaching and practical interpretation is very easy to understand. For me, as a non-native English speaking individuals, this course is an excellent source how to obtain the necessary knowledge in this area and their potential use in practice.”
Miluse Korbelova, Woking

“I had previously attended week long first aid courses, which were frankly expensive and full of 3 days of padding.
This online course was excellent-derailed where it needed to be, but otherwise concise. The quizzes were a great knowledge check. I will be using this course for my future employees.”
Russ Shopland, Folkestone

Award Winning Training
“Have been on the St Johns Ambulance 3 day courses and 2 day refresher courses over the last 20 years but have learned so much more on your course. Really enjoyed the complete course, you are a excellent teacher 5 stars all the way.”
Ronald Barlow, Sevenoaks

“Found this online course very helpful, we are looking to role these out for additional training to complement our Level 2 and Level 3 FAW courses. Very well put together and a valuable training resource.”
Gary Barlow, Newquay

I have recently completed the Online Essential First Aid course equivalent to 2 hours CPD. I did it at one sitting as I found the mix of videos, quizzes and basic information pages held my attention. Emma’s style as trainer is non-threatening and empathetic. Her advice is practical and presented in a manner which makes it both helpful and memorable. I was thrilled to get my certificate at the end. I would heartily recommend this course to others.” 
Charlotte Cashman, Milton Keynes