Pioneering New Centre Hopes To Fast-Track Healing



Britain’s first new specialist wound research centre has opened and promises to benefit those who have sustained scars in battle or from terror attacks.


The ground-breaking unit, which was opened last week by The Countess of Wessex, aims to end the suffering of those previously thought to be scarred for life.


Furthermore, the Centre for Conflict Wound Research based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, is pioneering new techniques for burns that could lead to scar-free healing within a generation.


Revolutionary burns dressing


The research includes an exciting trial for a transportable dressing for treating burns in the battlefield. The revolutionary dressing accelerates healing time and so reduces scarring. The dressing could also be used in acid and bomb attacks.


Additionally, the hope is that in the future, all paramedics will carry the transportable burns dressing for use at the scene of serious road traffic accidents.


The centre has been set up in partnership with CASEVAC – a club for injured veterans. Almost 500 patients, many of them injured service personnel will be taking part in the research over the next three years. The centre is not open to the public.


New techniques


New techniques using lasers aim to reduce existing scarring on old wounds such as amputations. This promises to transform the lives of the hundreds of British soldiers who have been injured in active service in Iraq and Afghanistan.


As well as healing external scars, mental health support will also be given to patients to reduce the burden of scars and help them cope with their scarred appearances.


Fight against scarring


The treatment centre unites research scientists, clinicians and psychologists in the fight against scarring.


Research at the centre will cost £4.8 million over the three years, with £3 million of this being funded by fines of banks for financial misconduct.


The centre was opened by The Countess of Wessex who is a patron of The Scar Free Foundation.




Written by Emma Hammett for First Aid for Life

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