Suffocation and strangulation are one of the 6 most common causes of accidents resulting in fatalities in the under 5s.

suffocation and strangulation


The most common culprits for suffocation are nappy sacks and plastic bags as babies don’t have the dexterity to remove them if they land on their faces. However, pets, cushions, duvets and pillows can also pose a risk.

Safety Tips

Never leave your baby alone with a pet or toddler, even for a minute.

Ensure nappy sacks are always kept well out of reach of any children.

Babies should not have pillows or duvets.


For strangulation, the most common causes are blind cords, drawstring bags, necklaces, cot bumpers and clothing becoming caught in something.

Safety Tips

Always clip blind cords right out of reach or use cordless blinds.

Never hang anything on the side of a cot or within reach of the child.

Small children should not wear necklaces or dummies round their necks.

Cot bumpers with ties should be avoided.


If you find your child has suffocated or been strangled, immediately remove the offending object. For strangulation, it may be easiest to use scissors. Check if they are conscious and check for breathing. If they are not breathing, begin CPR immediately.


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First Aid for Life and provide this information for guidance and it is not in any way a substitute for medical advice. First Aid for Life is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made or actions taken based on this information. The best way to be prepared for action in an emergency is to attend a practical first aid course or do one online.


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