I am often asked the question when should someone look to remove a motorcycle helmet? The key advice is only remove the helmet if absolutely essential in order to maintain the person’s airway. If the casualty is conscious, then you can help them to undo the neck strap if that makes it easier for them to breathe. If they wish to remove their helmet, that is their decision to do so and they will know the best way to do this themselves.

If the casualty is unconscious, you can undo their neck strap and any tight clothing, scarves or ties around their neck. It is usually possible to release the visor in order to gain access to their face without removing the helmet.

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Removing the helmet of someone who is unconscious is a two person job and should only be attempted if absolutely necessary in order to gain access to the person’s face and ensure their airway is clear. Trying to remove someone’s helmet on your own if they may have experienced a road traffic accident could well cause them damage and exacerbate any injuries – particularly if they may have injured their spine.

Try and familiarise yourself with different motorcycle helmets so you know the most usual places to find the release catch.



How and when to remove a motorcycle helmet

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Emma Hammett
Author: Emma Hammett