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We have all witnessed the inevitable clash of heads during a rugby match and the dilemma of the coach and match officials to make the right call. This uncertainty is compounded by the player, pumped full of match adrenaline, desperately trying to hide the extent of the head injury to be able to play on. Concussion is a disturbance to the normal working of the brain usually resulting from a blow to the head.

Repeated concussions are linked to serious long term brain conditions.

Initial symptoms of concussion – in Rugby the most common symptoms that you may see on the pitch are the following: Headache, confusion, blurred vision, nausea, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, feeling in a fog, memory impairment

New study into rugby head injury test to immediately diagnose concussion

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New pitch-side saliva test to immediately diagnose concussion

The University of Birmingham, in association with the Rugby Football Union (RFU), Premiership Rugby and the Rugby Players’ Association have developed a new pitch-side test to quickly diagnose concussion and brain injuries. During matches in 2017-19, players with suspected or confirmed concussion provided samples of saliva immediately following the injury. The samples were then compared to samples taken from other players who did not sustain injuries. The test uses microscopic DNA markers in saliva to diagnose a concussion and it has a 94% accuracy.

This test may start being used for elite players in a few months and a pitch-side test that gives immediate results could be several years away. However, due to a lack of data this test cannot be used for women yet.

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