Course Overview

This course is specifically designed for staff in schools and nurseries to ensure that staff administering medication are equipped with the knowledge to maintain safe practice for themselves and pupils in accordance with The Department for Education & Skills / Department of Health Guidance.

Watch this introductory course video to start off with and find out how important this course is to make sure schools can not only facilitate, but enhance the daily lives of pupils with existing medical conditions.

 Who needs this qualification?

This qualification is specifically targeted at staff working in schools, colleges, nurseries and childcare settings in both public and private sectors. The course is specifically designed around the needs of the education sector and highlights issues such as; working with parents and healthcare providers, the importance of records and documentation, consent, parental responsibilities and student self-medication.

Why is this training important?

It is vital that only appropriately trained staff are administering medication. Staff need to understand the responsibilities they are assuming and ensure they have all the necessary information for the welfare of the pupils and themselves. This course is produced in accordance with the guidelines set by The Department for Education & Skills and The Department of Health and contains additional PDFs and downloads from other helpful and well-respected organisations.

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the legislation to help support pupils at school with medical conditions
  • Understand how Individual Healthcare Plans (IHP) should support you in the administration of medication to pupils
  • Recognise the necessary content on an IHP
  • Appreciate your role in the administration of medication to pupils
  • Understand modes of medication administration and doses and why they are important
  • Confidently administer medication appropriately to your pupils and maintain appropriate records according to the IHP and parental/legal guardian consent
  • Appreciate the legal framework for giving medication
  • Ensure there are appropriate policies around the safe storage, accessibility, and type of medication administered within the school
  • Ensure you have received appropriate training to confidently give medication to pupils

Duration – 3 hours

Qualifies for 3 hours of Verifiable CPD

To Complete this Lesson:

To start you will need to click on the first of the lesson topics. You will then be guided through each of the following lesson topics one by one, and you will need to mark them as complete as you go (by using the GREEN “Mark as Complete” buttons). At the end of each section there are test yourself questions (quizzes) to allow you to assess how much you have learnt.

Once all topics and test yourself sections are complete, you will be directed back to this page. A GREEN “Mark as Complete” button will then appear to press before continuing to the next lesson.